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Annual General Meeting 2019

Hudson Lakes Association Annual General Meeting July 31st, 2019, 7:00pm at Hudson Hall President Mike Anderson called the meeting to order Minutes of previous AGM were read by Sarah Desmarais

Dana McLean moved minutes of previous AGM, Richard Males seconded: Passed

Guest Speaker: Mike Anderson- Forestry information

  • Mike recapped some of the information which was presented at our executive meeting by EACOM
  • Talked about disruptions in forestry: Spruce bugs, wind damage, fire
  • Showed some interesting maps and graphics in regards to various Biomes, tree distribution in the world, temperature, sunlight and amount of moisture
  • Conifer forests compared to Deciduous forests
  • Talked about the evolution of forestry practices in our area and how things have changed over time
  • Sustainable forest management leads to forests which will be around for years and years
  • Discussed the 4 main types of cutting: Clear cut, Strip cutting, Shelterwood cut, Selection cut
  • Also discussed how in our area with Jack Pine stands it's actually essential that the area is clear cut when logged as that is the only way that the forest will regenerate itself fully
  • Forrestry Presentation by Mike Anderson (PDF)
Bill Ramsey: Internet Information
  • Bill spoke on behalf of Pat from Quantum Express which is the provider of Parolink Internet Service
  • Countless concerns/complaints with current Bell internet service
  • Parolink is a local wireless internet provider
  • Bell actually talked to Bill & Carol, but they didn’t seem to take notice. It was recommended by Bill that the system be updated. Bell basically said that they would work on the current system but not provide an upgraded one
  • Pat from Quantum Express is very interested in providing wireless internet out here if there is enough interest
  • Bill provided a map to show areas in our region of potential towers. Requires a 100ft tower. Looking for a host for the tower (the host would pay for the hydro use of the tower...but would receive free internet). Parolink would cover the cost of the tower
  • The 12-20Mb speed is approx $70-$80/month. There would be a set up fee which is undetermined at this point...the internet usage would be unlimited. Would drop it down to $15 for the months it’s not being used (seasonal residents)
  • This would allow residents to determine if they want to keep their landline phones with Bell or use wifi calling through their cell phone if that option works for them
  • Dana had posted information on Facebook & people can comment on the post to show their interest in this option
  • CCTS -is the agency that tracks consumer complaints (Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services). Dana posted the information on Facebook to give residents the contact info should they wish to place a complaint in regards to their Bell internet service
Mailbox information: Carol Hearn
  • Mailboxes were supposed to be set up by the end of July, which hasn’t happened but they will be installed shortly
  • The shelter will be rebuilt after the boxes are installed and we may need to seek donations to cover that cost
Regatta information: Chelsea McKnight
  • Regatta is on Sunday, August 4th. Over $2000 has been collected. Some of the $ has been used to repair the lions club tent & some picnic tables for the regatta, which will then be donated back to the lions club
  • Prizes have been pouring in from local businesses and property owners
  • Boat parade at 10am
  • Funds remaining will be used to amp up the 70th anniversary next year
President's Report- Mike Anderson
  • Snow led to lots of property damage including the mailbox shelter
  • Executive had a presentation by EACOM on forest management
  • Wild parsnip is showing up in our area. The oil from the plant is photosensitive & can burn skin & causes a rash like poison ivy
Secretary Report- Bill Ramsey
  • Bill is looking into an online program for managing our data/mailing list...he will report back
Treasurer Report- Rosemary Bruenig
  • 2018-2019 to date 101 members have paid
  • Income 2018/2019 was: $3765.05
  • Expenses 2018/2019 were: $2819.74
  • Balance as of July 31 2019 is $4252.85
  • Carol Hearn and Suzi Johanson moved reports: Passed Renewal of F.O.C.A membership: motion to renew Dana McLean & Bill Ramsey moved: Passed
2018/2019 HLA committee
  • Mike Anderson (Bartle)- President
  • Crystal Gauthier (Pike)- Vice President
  • Rosemary Breunig (Fairy)-Treasurer
  • Sarah Desmarais (Fairy)-Secretary
  • Dana McLean (Fairy)
  • Denise Balch (Fairy)
  • Carol Hearn (Twin)
  • Jim Graydon (Twin)
  • Penny Graydon (Twin)
  • Richard Males (Twin)
  • Jim Brookfield (Twin)
Nomination of new directors for the 2019/2020 year: Outgoing directors:
  • Crystal Gauthier will not continue on
  • Jim Graydon will not continue on
  • Penny Graydon will not continue as Newsletter Editor
  • The following directors have one year remaining in their term:
  • Mike Anderson (Bartle)
  • Rosemary Breunig (Fairy)
  • Sarah Desmarais (Fairy)
  • Dana McLean (Fairy)
  • Denise Balch (Fairy)
  • Carol Hearn (Twin)
  • Richard Males (Twin)
  • Jim Brookfield (Twin)
The following directors are new for 2019/2020:
  • Renee Catt (Fairy)
  • Chelsie McKnight (Twin)
  • ***Please note we currently do not have a representative from Pike Lake*** New/existing members voted in favour and seconded by the members
New Business:
  • Dana McLean spoke about the sale of the hats to support Caleb Leveille Dana McLean motion to adjourn meeting

Post meeting HLA Directors meeting information:
  • Mike Anderson is stepping down as president. Denise Balch will take over that role
  • Crystal Gauthier is leaving the executive and Carol Hearn will take over as Vice President
  • Sarah Desmarais will remain as Secretary
  • Rosemary Breunig will remain as Treasurer
  • Dana McLean will take over as our new Newsletter Editor
  • First HLA Directors meeting of the year will be on October 8th at 7:00pm at Hudson Hall
  • (Sarah will book the hall & pick up the key)
  • First newsletter will aim to go out at the end of October. As of now we have Carol doing an article on the mailboxes, Chelsie will do something in regards to the kick off for the 70th anniversary of the regatta, Mike will do a fire report, Richard will do a Parolink Internet update, remaining directors will be in touch with Dana directly to notify of their topics for the newsletter
  • Please email your newsletter contribution directly to Dana
  • Thornloe Cheese Factory Gift Certificates will be purchased for Crystal, Jim & Penny in the denomination of $25 each to thank them for their contribution as directors