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HLA February 9th, 2021 Meeting Highlights

The Board met on February 9th and addressed a number of items relating to life at the lakes.

  1. Mail Shelter – a drawing will be prepared by an engineer and the Association will be accepting donations for materials. Labour will be donated to erect the mailbox.
  2. Financial Update - there have been some donation towards the mailbox but the Association will need to raise approximately $5,000.
  3. Water testing – each lake should have a volunteer to test water. Volunteers have been secured.
  4. Parolink Update - most properties have access to internet, but location of towers do not cover all cottages.
  5. Regatta Update - last year’s socially distanced regatta was successful. Regatta merchandise e.g. hoodies, sweat shirts are being considered to raise funds for the 2021 event.
  6. Recommended lake services for residents - there has been some interest from resident about listing referrals for local ‘lake’ service providers, particularly for those who are not here year round. Recommended to post on HL Facebook page and potential directory on website not ruled out.
  7. Other Business-
  • Letter of thanks to hydro
  • Will contact township about mess created by roadside cutting along the B road in the fall. Those with complaints are encouraged to contact the township directly.
  • Have been incidents of hunting where prohibited in the area. Agreed township will be asked to provide better signage.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, May 12th at 7:00pm