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HLA October 6th, 2020 Meeting Highlights

  • We are looking to update some of the information on our Hudson Lakes Association website. Stay tuned for those as various tabs on the website are updated. Thank you as always to Bill Booth for maintaining our website!
  • A bulletin style newsletter will be hitting your inbox in November. This will be a new endeavour as we are currently without a formal newsletter editor but still want to get relevant information out to members.
  • Discussion surrounding the future mailbox shelter which will hopefully be built in the spring​.
  • We currently have 93 members paid up for the 20/21 season. If you have not yet paid it still is not too late. You can make your $30 payment to: Membership Payment
  • Hydro one did line maintenance cutting and you can still call hydro one if you have trees that you are concerned about being too close to the lines.
  • Parolink Internet Update. One tower on Fairy is going up. Repeater tower is going up soon, one staked out on Jim Brookfield’s property, one down on the lower end of Twin before Lower Twin. Goal is to get the concrete in before the frost so they can do the lines in the winter.​ ​Tower on Bartle is up, 88 feet is the height.
  • We discussed some of the possible causes around some increased algae presence in our lakes this past summer as per a resident concern. Some information on Nutrification will be put on the Facebook page to help explain why we had more algae this past summer.
  • If you are interested in doing the ministry of the environment annual water testing on Pike please reach out to ​Water Testing to express your interest. We currently have volunteers covering Fairy, Twin and Bartle.
  • Plans are already being discussed by the regatta committee for summer 2021! The reviews on the COVID friendly activities and especially the fireworks were very positive!
  • Our next meeting will be on February 9th, 2021. Please send any questions or concerns to any of our executive members and we will be happy to pass them along on your behalf at the next meeting.