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HLA Meeting - May 5th 2020

President’s Message

Highlights of the HLA Meeting on May 5th, 2020

  • Now is the time to begin thinking about your 2020/2021 membership dues a post will be on Facebook and our HLA website ​http://www.hudsonlakes.ca/​ with details on how/when to pay. This information will also be included in your next Newsletter.
  • A new email list is in the works for all HLA members to receive HLA information direct to their inbox.
  • UPDATE:​ A ​new culvert was installed on Road A3 (which connects Fairy to Twin). The the culvert was replaced without charge to residents on May 7​ because the culvert was damaged and the road was collapsing. A big thank you to Jordan Kemp who arranged for this to happen so quickly. A culvert was sourced from another township. The new culvert has a metal screen that will prevent beavers from entering the culvert, but allow transit of fish below the grill.
  • Hudson Township is working on providing secure online banking payments for residents.
  • The beavers are out and actively downing trees on the lakes. We are looking into options to help protect residents properties from damage, as well as the culvert between Fairy and Twin being blocked.
  • We will look into potentially contracting out local snow removal for the mailboxes for next year as the contractor who was hired through Canada Post never came. Thank you to Darren and Kerry who voluntarily kept our mailbox area clear of snow.
  • A new mailbox shelter will be built this summer. Thank you to local engineer Josh Kacur who will donate his services to provide engineered drawings for the structure at no charge to the HLA.
  • Parolink Internet is possibly coming to the lakes if there is enough resident interest. Please contact Carol Hearn to get your name on the list for updates if you are interested.
  • The newest edition of our Newsletter is on the HLA website: ​http://www.hudsonlakes.ca/
  • Look for the next newsletter in your mailbox in early July with updates on the AGM and Social Distancing Regatta activities 2020.
  • The 75th anniversary edition of our Regatta will be postponed until summer of 2021 due to COVID 19. However, there will be some fun alternate activities planned for this summer that respect social distancing.
  • The AGM scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th at 7:00pm will be held virtually this year due to COVID 19. The executive will be testing a platform prior to the AGM to ensure a smooth experience for all who wish to join via technology.
  • For the dial in number for the AGM please contact Denise at denisebalch@connexhc.com ​ to provide your email address or call 705 647 1341 and she’ll provide you with the call in number to access the meeting or return your call.