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Membership dues - $30

Attention members and those of you who wish to become HLA members!!! Payment for 2021 is due at the time of the annual general meeting on July 29th. The annual fee to become/remain a member is $30. Many people ask me how they can pay this...There are 2 ways to pay:

We accept E-transfer payments at hudsonlakes4@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can drop off a cheque to:
Rosemary Breunig
3032 Twin Lakes Rd A3.
New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0

There are approximately 185 property owners on the four lakes, of whom 56 are year-round residents. The latest figure for paid-up members of the Hudson Lakes Association is 100, or 55% of the residents. Membership is just $30 annually and provides several benefits to members. You'll be supporting the newsletter that is distributed to every household on the lakes and the valuable work of our Executive who work on your behalf. Membership fees also pay for our Association membership in the Federation of Ontario Cottagers (FOCA) which means that HLA members can explore cottage, home and car insurance through the FOCA preferred insurance partner as well as other preferred vendor relationships.

The HLA estimates that there are approximately 600 people residing on the lakes during the summer months, with many more on long weekends, particularly the Regatta weekend. The 2006 Stats Can census figure for the total population of Hudson Township, including permanent lakes residents, is 309 (a figure being disputed by the Township). The Township estimates the population at 490.

The HLA is able to draw on a large number of volunteers for its events and activities. The water sampling is done by volunteers on each of the four lakes, and the swimming lessons drew enough volunteers to look after the 20-25 children who participated. The AGM typically has an attendance of 35-40 people.

The most recent AGM was held on July 31, 2019 at Hudson Hall. During the meeting Mike Anderson gave a very interesting and relevant presentation on forestry. Bill Ramsay talked to the research he and Carol Hearn have done into internet provider options that could give residents at the lakes faster service, and Carol Hearn gave an update on the ongoing work to ensure Canada Post installs mail boxes so that everyone has mail delivery at the lakes.