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Hudson Lakes Newsletter - July 2020

President’s Message

Summer arrives on June 20th and although we had a relatively mild winter and bug season, which is almost over, the summer cannot come too soon to get much needed rest and relaxation from what has been a very stressful winter and spring for many of us.

During COVID-19 there has also been lots of activity around the lakes as you will have seen in our last newsletter. This newsletter contains some new updates and calls to action for HLA members and non-members alike.

As a reminder if you are interested in much faster, more reliable internet, please contact Parolink to express your interest. We need a minimum of 25 people from the Lakes to make it worth their while and to install the appropriate towers. There are several plan options and seasonal residents pay a minimal equipment rental fee of $14.95/month when not at the lakes. Call Patrick Miron or Josh Lawrence at Parolink.net at 705 647 3832 and they can fill you in on the options available, ranging from $55/month plus tax to $125/month plus tax.

We have an email list of members now. We will be sending up to two of our newsletters via email every year and two in hard copy. There will also be the odd emails on issues that affect our community like a summary of Board minutes, which can also on our website at www.hudsonlakes.ca. A membership form is included in this newsletter and delivers great value for just $30/year. Also, if you are not sure whether we have your current mailing and email address please send to denisebalch@connexhc.com, even if you’re not a member.

Our AGM on July 29th will be held online this year, starting at 7:00 p.m.. You can email Sarah Desmarais at prettyiskind@gmail.com to declare your interest. Join the meeting by calling in or via the internet. Details are listed below.

Have fun at the Lakes this summer and be safe. Please be respectful of walkers, bikers and horse riders when using roads and trails. Pay attention to smaller, slower boats when you are on the Lakes. Slow down near shorelines and keep your noise levels modest whether you are on the lake or outside your cottage. Be respectful and most of all, enjoy yourself.

Denise Balch - President

Native to our neck of the woods, and pretty much the rest of North America, this small 19-22 cm rodent weighs in at around 10–24g. It is a common sight for lakes residents and can often be a pest, but it is a vitally important part of the food chain. The deer mouse is gray to reddish brown on its upper parts, including its tail and white below. Its tail is usually longer than it’s body, and drags in the snow as it makes its trails. it’s hind limbs are longer than its forelimbs and it has relatively large ears. Largely nocturnal, deer mice are most active at night and spend most of their time stock piling food, and nesting. Breading season is year round but more frequent during wormer weather. Females are sexually mature at about 49 days old. During the summer months female deer mice breed every three to four weeks and can often produces 5 or more offspring. Things slowdown in the winter and during the coldest times, they may enter a sluggish state called torpor where their metabolism drops in order to save energy. An interesting fact about deer mice is that during this time, as many as 10 mice of different age classes and sexes can be found together in one nest (maybe in your cottage) to conserve energy. As many of us know, they will often come indoors, looking for shelter, warmth and food. Telltale evidence is often their blackish rice sized droppings or chewed holes in food packaging. They build nests from dry plant material, but are very resourceful and will use whatever soft materials they can get their paws on while indoors (eg. Shredding of paper towels, your favourite sweater or that old wool sock). One of the ways they communicate is through scent. Once they make a trail into your house, shed, car –etc. others tend to follow. So, once you have one mouse, chances are, even if you trap it, more are coming unless you find the hole. They are omnivorous (meaning they eat just about anything that goes in your refrigerator or cupboard) and will begin storing food in caches in the cooler months. As far as importance, deer mice play a role in seed and spore dispersal for a variety of plants and fungi. They’re also an important food source for predators such as snakes, owls, weasels and foxes. So as much of a nuisance that these small rodents are, remember that many of our local wildlife depend on them.


What do you like to do at the lake? Is there something your family does every year that just speaks to you as your time on the lake? Something you like to do, something you like to eat, a game you all like to play? Tell us what it is at hudsonlakes4@gmail.com

The Fairy Lake Pig Roast

Bob and Doug did it...literally. Bob Taylor and Doug Spencer, of course along with their partners, Tammy Taylor and Janet Spencer... and assorted other friends, did it. The exact date is not known, some time in the late 1980's, the pair wanted to have a pig roast. The Spencer's bought the pig and it was roasted and friends invited. The first event was actually held at Bob and Tammy's 'wafer board palace' on Twin Lakes then moved between the Spencer and Taylor properties getting more 'organized' as time went by. It started with a hand turned spit, progressed to a motorized version then an oil tank was turned into an 'oven'. Chicken wire was used to 'hold' the exterior trimmings in place and over the years various stuffings tried and perfected. Elinor Armstrong assisted the pig roast event by chipping in with the Spencer's and Taylor's in the purchase of a party tent to protect both the chef's and the revellers!

The 'roast' continued for years with friends and neighbours chipping in with their salad or dessert offerings and clean up assistance. After Bob Taylor passed away in the early 2000's, Theresia Moeltner and Angela and Dirk Conrad started to host. Angela and Dirk were married in 1995 and hosted a pig roast as part of their celebrations. When the pig roast needed a new host they stepped forward. John Ewanchuk built the BBQ and he and Dirk were the chefs. Jay and Lorna Desmarais soon joined in hosting. The event became a high point of everyone's summer - hosts and guests. Pig roasts are all night, all day, all night affairs and both groups credit the team work of their group and the assistance of all for making it possible.

With Janet Spencer, Lorna Desmarais and Angela Moeltner

From the Kitchen

No Bake Drumstick Cake


  • 1 1/2 cups graham cracker
  • 1/2 cup unsalted chopped peanuts 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter


  • 250 g pkg cream cheese 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 large tub Cool Whip 1/2 cup peanut butter


  • 8 tsp fudge sundae sauce
  • BASE: Mix together crumbs, chopped nuts, melted butter and peanut butter. Press into 9x13 inch pan.


Mix together cheese, sugar and peanut butter. Add vanilla, then blend in eggs, one at a time. Fold in Cool Whip. Pour over base. Drizzle fudge sauce over cake and knife through. Freeze 8 hours.

TO SERVE, remove from freezer 1/2 hour before serving. This recipe may be refrozen!

Renee Beauchamp Catt


Historical Figures

Profiling lake residents who came before us.

Elwood Kidd

There's diamonds in those lakes ...

During the summer of 1974 Wilfred Haddow, Elwood Kidd, Ralph Pollock and Tom Haddow spent some time prospecting near Twin Lakes, Hudson Township, in Temiskaming, Ontario. They found a nice outcropping of quartz that looked that it might contain gold.

However, an assay report showed that it was just a trace - and not profitable to continue. Wilfred, who was very familiar with the area never gave up on the notion that the area held great promise. Years later long after had passed away, a crew moved into the area and discovered a "Kimberlite Pipe" . A formation that held commercial grade diamonds.

Elwood did find riches in the lakes. In 1945, Elwood & Helen purchased the lot where Dan and Tina Lachapelle now reside. That property was then traded for the current one. The price of the original property - $450! Lake time truly began with the building of a small cabin in 1947 and as was the practice of the times, as they could afford it, many additions were made. The last renovation was in 1980 when a master bedroom and enlarged the bathroom including laundry facilities was built.

Elwood lived in New Liskeard for almost 60 years, coming originally from Sturgeon Falls. He married, Helen Bateson in 1944. Both Elwood and Helen were deeply involved with the New Liskeard Cubs Hockey Club for a number of years. He worked all his life in the lumber business. First with Hill-Clark-Francis, then John W. Fogg Ltd, A.E Wicks Ltd and then to John Clark Building Enterprises, from which he retired in 1985.

He passed away in August 2000. After Helen died in 2011, Darren and Carol (nee Kidd) Hearn moved to the lake permanently. They constructed a new home and moved into it in the fall of 2018. In order to build, the family agreed to remove the original cottage and that part of history will be gone in the near future.

Carol Hearn

Speak No Evil

Time at the cottage is time for get togethers with family and friends. There are long days on boats, on the dock, around the fire...around the water. But here’s a thought...sound travels amazingly well over water. Those quiet conversations may be heard by your lake neighbours.

And what about the loud shouts and screams...yep audible to all.

Sound carries over water. It has to do with the temperature at the water surface being cooler than that of the air which causes the sound waves to amplify and bend.

On Fairy Lake, everyone knows when the Smith’s arrive as Stewart Smith’s booming voice signals their arrival and its not that he’s speaking loudly, it’s just the tone of his voice carries.

So choose your words, speak no ill and perhaps consider your language. There are young and old around the lakes also trying to enjoy. ‘F’ bombs happen but perhaps they shouldn’t be the only word echoing around the lake when you’re out having fun! I’m sure your neighbours will thank you for your consideration.

Hummingbird Food

The ratio for making your own hummingbird food is 4 parts one part sugar (plain white sugar). To simplify, for each cup of water, 1/4 cup sugar - bring to a boil, let cool, fill your freshly cleaned feeder!

Cottage Life Link

In honour of those who have left the lakes...
This is a new feature of your NEWSLETTER. In year’s past, Don Hosking used to, at Regatta, call a role of those we lost. That tradition has ended but we hope this new feature will in some way honour Don’s vision and those who have passed. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NEWSLETTER to ascertain the losses. If you would like your loved one included, please send a message to: hudsonlake4@gmail.com.


1928 - 2019
Twin Lakes https://perrinfuneralchapel.com/tribute/details/1010/Joyce-Buckham/obituary.html#content-start


1948 - 2019
Twin Lakes https://english.buffamleveille.com/book-of-memories/3991477/Edwards- Molly/service-details.php


1926 - 2020
Twin Lakes https://perrinfuneralchapel.com/tribute/details/1036/John-Buckham/photos.html#content-start


2004 - 2020
Fairy Lake https://perrinfuneralchapel.com/tribute/details/1054/Caleb-Leveille/obituary.html#tribute-start


1938 - 2020
Twin Lakes https://perrinfuneralchapel.com/tribute/details/1064/Jim-Graydon/obituary.html#tribute-start

Modified Regatta in the Works for August 2020 due to COVID-19

After thoughtful consideration the Twin Lakes Regatta organizing committee has decided to make changes to the format of this year's regatta, and to postpone the celebration of the 70th anniversary to August 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic large gatherings of people may not be allowed by August. Given so much uncertainty, and the close nature of the lawn races, BBQ, and other festivities on the regatta grounds, we do not think it wise to hold this type of event this year.

We still want to mark this special and historic weekend, and keep residents and cottagers engaged in some fun lake events. We will be doing so by organizing a few activities, over the August long weekend, that respect social distancing guidelines. Details are currently being worked through and will be shared in a programme in July - made available on the Hudson Lakes Association website, on the Hudson Lakes Facebook Group, and at the mailbox. Mark your calendar for August 1st and 2nd and follow Hudson Lakes Facebook Group for the latest regatta updates.

Chelsie McKnight & Jennifer Gervais

Fairy Lake Pon-Tune Night

It’s become a tradition of Fairy Lake, Pon—Tune Night, and it was started by the family of Sandra Fielder to honour her memory.

Sandra was a beautiful soul who lost her courageous fight against cancer December 2013. She was 62. She was a teacher, an athlete and a lover of music and gatherings.

In 2018, her children, led by Tyandra and Bill Bulmer, started the first Pon- Tune night. The vision was to gather on the lake with friends and family and have a good old fashion sing-along, just like Sandra loved. Fairy Lake has embraced the idea and it is one of our new favourite traditions.

This year, COVID 19 will change the event. Plans will be solidified once the family arrive for the summer and as the COVID 19 rules evolve. Expect an announcement on the Hudson Lakes Facebook group, through messenger and word of mouth!

with Tyandra and Bill Bulmer

In Memorial - Jim Graydon

Jim Graydon, aka BUZZARD, was a member of the Hudson Lakes Association Board of Directors for many years and left in 2019 for health reasons.

Jim was a man who championed causes. The Regatta Boat Parade was one of his loves and he captained his boat, leading the parade for many years.

Jim and Penny’s home was iconic. It was on a point, with an old pole driven into the lake bottom with a wind sock atop. Jim was a pilot and his plane was once a regular shoreline feature at ‘the narrows’. Jim and his wife, Penny, sold in 2019 and rented on Taylor Bay until their new home was ready. The move was huge for Jim and Penny but it was time to downsize. They had just started to settle in when he passed.

Jim served in the RCAF at Camp Borden and Montepique, Quebec. Upon his return to New Liskeard he worked at various jobs beginning at Campsall Electric, then starting his own plumbing, heating and electrical business, “Graydon Electric”, later moving on to jobs with Silverfields and Sherman Mines and lastly as Property Manager at Ontario Realty Corporation.

Jim was always taking on new projects and causes. Among his various projects he acquired his pilot’s licence and took great pleasure in flying his beloved Citabria. He built an ultralight, AKA “Big Yellow Taxi” and he built a tiny 14 foot tug boat, ”The Harold/Mary” and sailed it to Pembroke.

Among his many causes he spearheaded the memorial dedication of the lookout park on Hwy 11 in memory of Sgt. Martin Goudreault who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

He was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the Temiskaming Search and Rescue and the establishment of a new headquarters at the Earlton Airport where he served as Unit Director.

Jim served many years as an emergency room volunteer at the Temiskaming Hospital and was known and loved by staff and patients. He was also a proud member of the New Liskeard Fire Department and enjoyed his time in the Legion Pipe Band.

Jim was known to many as “The Buzzard” and those acquainted with him knew that he often came across as a crusty old buzzard on the outside but was in fact extremely generous and soft as a marshmallow on the inside. We will all miss his often unasked for opinions and his quirky sense of humour. He brightened many family gatherings! “Shine on Jim!”

In keeping with Jim’s wishes cremation has taken place and due to the current Covid-19 crisis there will not be any visitation or service. A celebration of life will take place at a later date. As an expression of sympathy, memorial contributions in Jim’s memory can be made to Timiskaming Hospital Foundation/Care Close To Home or Happy Paws.

Hudson Lakes Association VIRTUAL Annual General Meeting

The Meeting Starts at 7 (seven) p.m.

Join the meeting by calling in or via the internet:
PHONE You can dial in using your phone.
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9373
Access Code: 795-338-837 (then press #) – then mute your phone so we cannot hear you.

ONLINE You can join from your computer, tablet or smartphone – make sure you are on mute for audio and video options at this link - https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/795338837

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/795338837



JULY 27, 2020

  1. Minutes of July 31, 2019
  2. Introduce the Officers and Directors of Hudson Lakes Association
  3. Reports President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer
  4. Renewal of F.O.C.A. membership: MOTION TO RENEW
  5. Regatta 2020 Update
  6. Election of Directors - see Nomination Report
  7. Other Business
  8. Adjournment
  9. Brief meeting of Directors to choose officers.


The Following Directors Have One Year Remaining In Their Term:

  • Mike Anderson (Bartle)
  • Denise Balch (Fairy)
  • Rosemarie Breunig (Fairy)
  • Renee Catt (Fairy)
  • Sarah Desmarais (Fairy)
  • Chelsie McKnight (Twin)

Because of her new business venture commitments, Carol Hearn (Twin) will be resigning her position. That leaves four (4) vacancies on the board.

The following directors have indicated they are willing to stand for another term.

  • Jim Brookfield (Twin)
  • Richard Males (Twin)
  • Dana McLean (Fairy)
  • One new member is required.

For Rainy Days and Late Nights...
Kangaroo Rummy

This is a game for all ages and for many hours of fun or frustration. If you are my daughter, you had fun, if you are me, you never get beyond the Run of 10!. My family loved to spend evenings at the cottage on Wahwashkesh playing.

There are a many versions of the game, this is ours. The following link will take you to another! <http://www.bic.mni.mcgill.ca/users/ kate/12step_rummy.html>


Objective: to be the first player to complete all 12 rounds with the least points.

Set Up:

  • 2-5 players - 2 decks including jokers.
  • Add another deck for every addition two players.
  • Each player is dealt 12 cards. The remaining cards are placed in the centre with one card face up. This is where cards will be discarded.
  • Jokers and 2’s are WILD
  • Aces are high or low (1 or above King)

Play: Play begins with picking up a card from either the deck or the discard pile. Only on your turn may you lay down cards and you may only lay down if you have the complete requirement for the round. Your turn ends with a discard and you must have a discard. You may ‘buy’ a card from the discard pile. Rounds 1 through 9 you have two buys. On the 10th round you get 3 buys. You may add to another players runs or sets including moving Wild cards (player1 has run - 5,W,7 down - player 2 may put 6 in run and put W below 5 or above 7)

Counting: Wild card - 50, Ace - 20, Face - 10, 2 - 9 - 5 points

Round Set Sequences
1 2 x 3 of a kind
2 1 x 3 of a kind 1 run of 4
3 2 runs of 4
4 3 x 3 of a kind
5 1 x 3 of a kind 1 run of 7
6 1 x 3 of a kind 2 runs of 4
7 3 runs of 4
8 1 x 3 of a kind 1 run of 10
9 3 x 3 of a kind 1 run of 5
10 3 runs of 5


If you think you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are concerned that you have been exposed, please call the Temiskaming Health Unit (THU) COVID-19 line for additional screening and testing arrangements if applicable.

705-647-4305, Ext. 7 | 1-866-747-4305, Ext. 7

Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Saturday and Sunday - 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Your local Regional Assessment Center (RAC) can also be contacted directly for testing. (Booked appointment basis only)

Temiskaming Shores and area Regional Assessment Center – 705-648-1844

Englehart and area Regional Assessment Center – 705-568-2127

Summary of COVID 19 situation in Temiskaming District
Tests submitted locally 3523
Positive Covid 19 cases to 25 Jun 2020 18
Positive Cases Resolved to 25 Jun 2020 18