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Newsletter May 2019

President's Message

Well it’s almost the May long weekend and the ice on the lakes is lingering on as a reminder of one of the longer, more snow filled winters on recent record. Most of the snow in my front yard is gone, but rubber boots are quickly filled when trying to walk through the forest. Since October, students from local schools missed a total of 16 days due to bus cancellations and road closures almost became a weekly event. After last weekend’s May snow storm, my son informed me that it has snowed for at least the past 8 months. I don’t recall for sure, but something tells me we saw flurries as early as September, which would bump that number to 9! In addition to the many barns, sheds and garages that didn’t survive the winter snow load in and around the Temiskaming area, our mail box shelter too became victim of old man winter late in the season. Even winter-loving folks like us have pretty much had enough and are almost ready for black flies. On that note, I’d like to send out a BIG thanks to all residents who chipped in to help clean up the mailbox shelter. I’d also like to send out special thanks to Darren Hearn who made clean-up a lot easier by donating his time and his heavy equipment and to Carol Hearn, who has been in ongoing discussions with Canada Post on improving our mailbox capacity at the lakes and on rebuilding our structure.

Hopefully those arriving at their cottage for the first time this season find that everything on their property remained intact and undamaged by the snow. On a late season snowmobile outing around the lakes, I couldn’t help but notice how well some of the lakes older buildings were still standing strong. Maybe a reminder of snowier times from years ago. Keep in mind, as you start your yard work, that there are several quality arborists in our area who can safely deal with any hazard trees on your property.

One thing you will notice on returning to the cottage this spring is how high the water is in all of our lakes. All of that melting snow had to go somewhere. So if your dock is currently under water or your beach is gone, rest assured that water levels should return to normal as the watershed drains off the melting snow. If you find yourself boating over the next while, please be respectful of your neighbours as boat wakes may wash out a dock, cause more shoreline soil erosion or even send waves onto someone’s deck.

As we roll into another cottage season, I’d like to welcome both returning cottagers and our new owners to our area. Remember to keep your garbage in safe storage until dump days to avoid unwanted furry visitors. Bears have great memories for food, so one that found food on your property last year, will no doubt return for a look again this year. Also, as spring progresses into summer, keep an eye out for Provincial and Township fire bans that could be implemented if things dry out. Have a safe season at the lakes and enjoy the local beauty that this unique area has to offer.

Mike Anderson

Lakes History Books

Penny Graydon

Rescue Over Twin

Did your windows rattle or your house shake on March 24th? That was the day a C-60 Hercules search and rescue aircraft passed over Twin Lakes. It flew 500 feet over the lake and made 5 or 6 passes.

Its purpose was to find 2 lost students, one suffering from a broken leg and her friend who was well advanced into hypothermia. This was a search and rescue exercise on a cold and sunny March day. An aircraft from Trenton Squadron 424 was here to practice with the local Temiskaming search and rescue unit (TEMSAR).

Jim Graydon, our Unit Director, had arranged the day and the thunderous noise of the aircraft brought neighbours out of the house to peer skywards. On the fourth pass the back of the aircraft opened up to release two flourescent orange chutes with two Sartechs (Rescuers) floating in circles at 2400 feet. Within minutes they touched down 20 feet from the two casualties, students from Thomas McLean’s high school health class. Quickly, one leg was splinted, and the other student was wrapped in a foil blanket and drinking hot chocolate.

After packing up the Sartechs were taken to Earlton to repack their gear in the C-60. They were later joined by 4 or 5 local TEMSAR volunteers in a flight to practice spotting through the fishbowl rear windows. It was much like looking out the side bubble windows of the WW2 Lancaster bombers .

This was the same plane and Sartech crew, who, the week before, after a massive 6 day search north of here, spotted the downed helicopter. Six local volunteers from TEMSAR spent many hours and days in the air helping to bring closure to that tragedy. This added purpose to our days event.

Jim Graydon

HLA 2019 Proposed Forestry Cutting

As an association we of course want to ensure that sensitive areas in our forests are preserved and we were shown in the forestry plan how they go about accounting for areas of concern including- viewscapes, trail systems, creeks, streams, owl/eagle nesting areas, moose aquatic areas etc. One example of how these areas are conserved is by leaving a 30-45 meter buffer in areas that are deemed to be sensitive. As well viewscapes are accounted for and are given a value (observable portion of the canopy) to preserve the integrity of what is seen.

We got a taste of how many facets there are to forestry management and that it’s not a quick decision to select which areas are harvested each year. The planned cutting will help to ensure that our forest stays healthy and continues to flourish in the future, as well as helping to minimize the risk of wildfires during the summer months. Let’s not forget how close those forest fires came to us last summer!

If you would like more information on Forestry Management Planning in our area you can view the entire 284 page PDF 2019-2029 Forestry Management Plan by Googling: 'electronic forest management plans Temagami unit'. Or also by visiting the Ministry of Natural Resources and First Resource Management Group’s websites.

Sarah Desmarais

Rec Report

Winter weather was a tricky one for the ice at the arena this past season. The ice was available for use on December 23rd and was enjoyed until March 11, 2019 with it being closed more often than we would of liked due to mild weather. A defibrillator was purchased and is located inside the change room. Renovations will be taking place which will include a new change room door and frame as well as repair to the fencing around the ice surface.

Pike Lake Park Phase 1 and 2 upgrades are now completed and ready to be enjoyed once the snow melts. These included, new playground equipment, dock and floating raft, picnic tables and slabs, fencing and landscaping. Don’t forget to BYOB (Bring your own ball) for the new volleyball court that was installed last year. Pack a lunch and enjoy the beautiful beach area and playground.

A friendly reminder to please keep your pets on a leash and to clean up after them when visiting the park. Pets are able to enjoy swimming in the boat launch area only.

A big thank you to all volunteers, township workers, sponsors and residents for making these upgrades possible. To book the Hall or Arena please call the Township office at 705-647-5439.

Crystal Gauthier

Hudson Library

The Library ran a booksale on the last Saturday in April to piggyback on the Fire Department’s yard sale. Unfortunately a wicked snowstorm took out the power at the Hall and driving was hazardous so turnout was a bit low. Having said that, they fired up the generator at the hall and the Lions went ahead with cooking up a delicious breakfast for the brave souls who ventured out. Our next booksale will be held on the Saturday of the August long weekend. It will run from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

We will also have another Penny Sale this summer. This time some of our library board members will each make up a basket. With a bit of friendly competition to put out the nicest basket, there should be some amazing offerings. The Penny Sale will start sometime in June and run until mid-August. Watch the Hudson Lakes Facebook page for updates.

The children’s craft program exceeded all expectations last year and will run again this year if we have at least 10 children pre-register. To register your child/grandchild, please contact Judi Graydon at jhgraydon@outlook.com or by phone at 705-647-4239 as soon as possible. Kelly Graydon Howard, with the help of her family, will be running it again this year so the kids can expect more great crafts and games. Details for times and dates will be posted in the Speaker’s classified section and also advertised on CJTT if the program is a go.

Library hours are Wednesday from 4 to 8 and Saturday from 11 to 3. The Library will be closed on holidays. Dump cards are available at the library again this year.

What a Winter

This has been one of the longest winters I remember with record amounts of snow and cold. I’m sure most of you feel the same. For any of our Lakes people who were either away for the winter or who are just seasonal summer residents, I’m in- cluding a picture of the mail box shelter that “collapsed” on February 28. Thank you to all who came to help dismantle the mess.

I’ve been in contact with Canada Post and we are on their radar to get the new CMB’s(central mail boxes) by the end of the summer, if not sooner. There will be 7 new mailboxes with 15 compartments each(105 total). I’m told that there will be enough to allow the existing plus ALL the people who now get their mail in town plus extras for seasonal who have their mail forwarded. These CMB’s also have compartments to allow for delivery of parcels! How exciting! I asked about a Canada Post kiosk but they are getting away from them due to vandalism and liability, so that is not an option.

Once the snow leaves, we will try to have a work bee to erect the old shelter again. Some modifications may have to be made to accommodate the new boxes. We believe some of the material is salvageable. I am just waiting on the specifications from Canada Post to see if the existing space is big enough to accommodate the new larger mailboxes.

As far as vandalism goes, there has been some to our mailbox shelter, such as theft of one of the benches donated in Elwood & Helen Kidd’s memory and the shovel grew legs and walked away plus some people have been littering inside and around the shelter. Please have a little respect for our wonderful community and ask your kids and grandkids to do the same. If you notice something not right, please report it.

Carol Hearn

Carol's Baked Beans
  • Small bag of white navy beans
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 1/2 lb bacon, cut in chunks
  • Pkg of maple brown sugar sausage, cooked and casings removed, cut in chunks
  • Mix together in large measuring cup or bowl:
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar(or more if you like them sweeter)
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup molasses
  • 2 tsp wet mustard
  • 2 Tbsp white vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste

NOTE: bag of white navy beans(they really swell when you cook them so use the small bag if only want to make a 1/2 crock pot )

Rinse beans and pick out dark ones and soak beans over- night covered with about 3” water and 1 tsp baking soda.
Add water to soaking beans as needed. In the morning, drain and cover with fresh water and boil for about 45 minutes.
Skim off foam during cooking. Dump entire pot of beans PLUS water into crock pot.
If there’s too much water, keep some water out but save to add as needed.

Add remaining ingredients.
I add 1/2 lb raw bacon and the cut-up and cooked sau- sage
Cook on low, all day, stirring often. Add water as need- ed, if you like them juicy.
Can also bake in slow oven(225 F) all day. Delicious served with homemade bread.

Carol Hearn

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