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Hudson Lakes History

Book is available for $30 at Hudson Lakes Library

Contact: Janet Spencer

An Association of the Residents of Hudson Lakes:

Twin - Pike - Bartle - Fairy


Land Acknowledgement

Kwey, Kwey, we proudly acknowledge the Indigenous peoples of this area by recognizing we are in the traditional territory of the Algonquin people of Temiskaming First Nation. We are honoured to live on this beautiful land. We are grateful for the trees, plants, clean water, and many animals. We are blessed to be able to live here. Meegwetch.

Membership Dues

We are now using Calendar Year Dues.

  • dues cover January through December
  • Voting at AGM requires paid up dues
  • click on Membership for details

Heads Up!!

You have had your Snow Tires mounted and feel set for the winter. HOWEVER, you know the little tag the sevice mechanic put on your window that says "Retorque after the next 100Km". Most of us have been driving for decades, and have never had an issue re torqing, but it can and does occur. So pay heed, and drop in for your checkup ... it may save your life.

From the Road of Experience

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