Membership dues - $30 for Calendar Year 2023

  • Please renew or apply for membership in one of two ways..

  • Membership must be paid to have voting privileges at the Annual Meeting in July 2023.


  • Send an e transfer of $30 to Dues and use clue Hudson,


  • Mail/drop off a cheque for $30 payable to Hudson Lakes Association

Ramsay Law Office.

8 Armstrong Street - Box 160

New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0

We have now moved to payment on an annual , calendar year model. Now whenever you pay your $30 dues in 2023, you will be marked paid until December 31st 2023. On January 1st 2024 we will begin collecting monies for that calendar year and so on. This will be much easier to track, and won't lead to as many members having difficulty remembering if they paid already or not (trust me this happens a lot, and we would get many messages each summer with residents asking if they were paid up for this summer or last!)

Payments received prior to the AGM in July will allow the resident to vote on any issue brought forth at the AGM Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about this change.