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Around the Lakes

The count is on for Fairy Lake!

Our loon couple have set up their nest in the same spot as last year and they have one egg. Last year, a fox got one attempt and in another attempt high water flooded the nest. End result, there were no chicks in 2022. Loon eggs take 26 to 30 days to hatch and the couple take turns guarding the nest and incubating the egg. Loons are highly territorial and will act in an aggressively manner in defence of their nest. But, if there is too much activity, they will abandon their nest.

The chicks leave the nest within 24 hours of hatching. They can swim right away but spend time riding on their parents back for the first couple weeks. This is thought to be for both warmth and protection. For about eight weeks the chicks are fed by their parents and gradually learn to dive and feed themselves. At approximately three months of age, the chicks can fly and be independent of their parents. So, if all goes well, the Fairy Lake loons could have a chick around June 21st!

Photo credit Lisa MacDougall

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The Great Fire of 1922

The Hudson Library just received a beautiful new book from the Haileybury Heritage Museum and the Great Fire of 1922 committee. We are honored to add it to our local history collection. This book is for sale at the Haileybury Heritage Museum and the Little Clay belt Museum. The hard cover copy is $80.00 and the soft cover copy is $50.00. (Click for Cover Image)

Janet Mallett-Doug Spencer

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