Local Dump

Winter Hours November 1st to March 31st

  • Wednesday (12:00pm to 4:00pm)

  • Sunday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)


Along with the sunny and warmer weather comes the season of spring cleaning! I thought it would be timely to do a short write up on some useful tips in regards to how we use our landfill site. I’m sure we are all aware that our current dump site will not last forever. In fact, the projected end of life timeline of our dump is creeping up on us faster than we’d like to believe. As residents, it’s in our best interest to ensure that we try to preserve the longevity of the dump and to be as environmentally responsible as possible as well.

  • Recycle Tip #1 - Break down boxes and take items out of bags before putting them into the bins - this REALLY saves space in the bins and prevents them from filling too quickly.

  • Recycle Tip #2 - Rinse out and peel off labels from jars and cans - not only does this align with recycling expectations, but it also helps prevent wasps and hornets from gathering in our recycle bins.

  • Recycle Tip #3 - Please DO NOT place household garbage into the bins - the items to be placed in the bins are glass, aluminum, recyclable plastics and cardboard paper only.

  • Dump Tip #1 - Avoid throwing out items that could be donated or repurposed - organizations such as the Northern Animals Rescue and Sanctuary in New Liskeard gladly accept donations of unbroken and functional items that they then sell to benefit their organization. Instead of unnecessarily throwing out something that could be useful to someone else, why not consider donating and helping out a great cause at the same time.

  • Dump Tip #2 - Please only dump into the trench items that are accepted - our dump attendant will direct you in regards to where to drop other items (eg: electronics, tires and appliances)

  • Dump Tip #3 - Please do not throw recyclable material into the trench. Please follow the above tips and use the provided bins. This will help to prolong the life of the dump.

Thank you for being a considerate and responsible steward of our lakes area!